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Hungry Shark World is an action game where you play a shark who has to travel the ocean in search of all sorts of prey: from unsuspecting swimmers found close to the coast, to sea turtles, and even small fish and other sharks.

There are more than a dozen different sharks to unlock, in six different sizes. Each shark in the game also offers its own attributes and unique look. Some are faster than others but with lower life points, while others are so big that they can eat almost any prey effortlessly.

Hungry Shark World has various different levels located throughout the world. You can visit the islands in the Pacific, an area in the Arctic, or the seas of China. And of course, each setting is enormous, allowing you to swim up, down, left, and right with complete and total freedom.

In each of these levels you'll find tons of secrets and hidden elements to discover: chests, letters, and even 'bosses' to fight against. Each level is a unique, and each one of these little underwater worlds is entirely at your disposition.

Hungry Shark World is a delightful action game that not only offers spectacular graphics - it all so offers a fast-paced gameplay and tons of content to unlock.

In order to download the OBB file for Hungry Shark World, you need to link the game with your Google Play account.


Requires Android 4.4 or higher

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